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It’s cool to go your own way!
There is always gonna be somebody who is not on board: mother (sorry, mom!) or friends (as if they were your mommy).
Ignore them! Keep it real. And tell all the disbelievers straight to their face: #SORRY_MOM

  • 01
    Create your own memes #SORRY_MOM
    about whatever you want
  • 02
    Present your memes on your social network accounts
  • 03
    Check out and share the memes other people have created on the site
  • 04
    Take part in
  • 05
    Collect points
  • 06
    Trade for the gifts in our shop

PEPSI choice

PEPSI choice – these are the groovy memes #sorry_mom PEPSI chooses to put on the site.

Meme of the day

Meme of the day – this is the coolest meme Pepsi has chosen from all those published today.

How to get points

One time only

  • Sign-up
    +100 points
  • First meme
    +50 points
  • Sharing the first meme
    +50 points
  • Join PEPSI on social networks
    +100 points

Once a day

  • New meme
    +5 points
  • Sharing your new meme
    +5 points
  • Sharing another person’s
    meme from the site
    +1 point


  • Not a day without a meme – 10 days
    +10 points
  • Not a day without a meme – 30 days
    +30 points
  • PEPSI choice – the everyday into every day
    +30 points
  • Meme of the day – the greatest from the PEPSI choice
    +15 points
  • 50 shares of your meme from the site
    +15 points
  • 100 shares of your meme from the site
    +30 points
  • 30 bids in the shop
    +10 points

Code registration

  • Under the cap code registration
    (once a day)
    +2 points

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